About me

A little bit of a bio and what I'm currently up to


👋 Hey, I’m Michael O’Connell. I play in two bands, Factotem and Keep Sketch, in which I am both a drummer and a songwriter. I write a tonne of music, some of which I decide to sing, and record by myself. This is a place for that music.

What I’m up to

For the new year, 2022 I’ve got a plan to post a piece of content everyday, except for Sundays. I want to commit to this so that I am more active on social media, and so that there is some accountability if I’m not being active!

What kind of content?

This will be audio clips or videos of whatever song I’m currently writing, it may also be images, maybe of album art or a cool mixing trick I’ve come across.

I’m most looking forward to seeing peoples reactions to songs that I’m writing and sharing that process which is usually hidden from view whenever I write music for myself, Keep Sketch or Factotem.

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